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by Stephen Leacock

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What adjectives can you use to describe the narrator ?

Adjectives that can be used to describe the narrator at various points of the story include "misleading", "confused", "paranoid", "sad", and "humiliated".

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An adjective is a "describing word", and there are various adjectives that can be used at various points of this short story to describe our narrator's behavior.

The first adjective I would mention is "misleading". Due to the fact that he is so distrustful and seemingly nervous when he goes into the bank, he leads the bank manager to think that he has a lot of money to invest. It turns out, however, that he only has fifty-six dollars, so he has inadvertently misled the bank manager.

The next adjective I would use to describe our narrator is "confused". After the bank manager realizes that he is there to invest such a low amount, he sends him to speak to a teller. In his confused state of mind, he winds up walking into the safe.

"Paranoid" is a good adjective to describe our protagonist in the next stage of his trip to the bank. He realizes that everyone is staring at him, and that they all think he is a millionaire. Having just managed to successfully deposit his money, he draws it out and quickly leaves the bank.

I would imagine that after he left the bank, great adjectives to describe the way he would have been feeling include "sad" and "humiliated".