What additional problem did the three brothers face after Pony's return?What happened to Pony when he returned?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Curtis brothers' biggest worry after Ponyboy returns home is the possibility that he and Sodapop will be removed from Darry's custodial care. Since charges may be pending against Pony in the death of Bob, there is the possibility that Pony may be sent to a juvenile facility. Authorities may consider that Darry is not a proper adult supervisor of his two underage brothers, and the family may be broken up. This is actually one of Darry's concerns before Bob is killed; he warns Pony about coming home late, because he can't call the police for fear of this.

coolperson100 | Student

im guessing you mean return from windrixville and they have to cope with dally and johnny being in the hospital and johnny possibly dying. the big rumble is also coming up and darry is worried about ponyboys health and doesnt want him being in the rumble but gives in and lets him go. and even though darry and ponyboy understand each other more they still disagree with each other and argue more until they realized how much this was hurting soda.

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