What additional dialogue could have taken place in Animal Farm; i.e. between Napolean and Snowball re the need for a windmill or any other subject they did not agree on?

Expert Answers
Jessica Pope eNotes educator| Certified Educator
about the need for a windmill, this dichotomy might be expressed. Snowball might comment that the entire reason for their insurrection was to increase their quality of life, and that the windmill was thus directly related to thier struggle for freedom and equality. He might argue that the insurrection coulnd't be considered truly effective unless animals had access to such comforts. Napolean (expressing the dark, power-hungry side of his character) would retort that the lowly farm animals didn't need such comforts, or that such comforts would diminish their work productivity and should thus be avoided. If Napolean were being honest about his lack of respect for the farm animals, he migh simply flat-out state that none of the animals (except maybe the pigs) deserved any creature comforts at all. Snowball and Napolean never had this discussion because Snowball was kicked off the farm long before Napolean began showing his true colors. If they had, the conversation would reflect thier opposite goals and objectives for the animal rebellion.