What added responsibility did the fire impose upon Brian?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The creation of fire is an important moment for Brian.  On one hand, he recognizes the responsibility he has to continue to persevere.  The development of fire was not easy for Brian.  Regardless of the fact that he had all that was needed to create it, despair and frustration were evident and this is something that he needed to counteract with his own sense of courage and moral fortitude.  The creation of the fire brought with it the added responsibility of not surrendering and not giving up.  This is something that adds a new dimension to his time in the wilderness.  From the point where Brian had been complaining and wondering why this condition had landed upon him, the creation of fire demonstrated to Brian the need for him to endure and persevere, without asking the dreaded question of "Why."  This was a new responsibility that was thrust upon him with the development of fire.  I would say that his exclamation of having found a "friend" is another responsibility that Brian developed in the construction of fire.  Brian recognizes that he now has an obligation to maintain the fire, to tend to it, and to take care of it so it does not go out.  This becomes a new responsibility for Brian, something to propel him in enduring in time in the wild.