What is the actual yield of magnesium oxide when carbon dioxide reacts with 42.8 g of magnesium metal? The percent yield is 81.7 %

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`2Mg+CO_2 rarr 2MgO+C`


Molic weights

`Mg = 24g/(mol)`

`MgO = 40g/(mol)`


Molic ratio

`Mg:MgO = 2:2 = 1:1`


Amount of Mg moles added` = 42.8/24 =1.783`

Amount of MgO theoretical produced `= 1.783 mol`


Weight of MgO `= 1.783xx40g =71.32g`


Theoretical yield of MgO `= 71.32g`

Actual yield of MgO `= 71.31xx81.7/100 = 58.26g`


So the actual yield of MgO is 58.26g.


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