What activities make buddy happy in A Christmas Memory?

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thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Buddy on the whole enjoys the activities that he and his cousin embark on all year round including the activities they engage in to obtain money for their “Fruitcake Fund.” However, he acknowledges that what he likes most is purchasing the ingredients such as cherries, vanilla and state declared illicit whiskey that can only be got from Mr. Jones, among other ingredients at the start of their baking journey. He also likes getting the Christmas tree and decorating it with his cousin. In addition to that, on Christmas day, Buddy is happy flying his kite in the company of his cousin who is doing the same even though they have exchanged the same gift. In fact, Buddy admits that he gets so happy flying the kite that he forgets about all the other unpleasant Christmas presents from the other relatives.

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