What actions does the National Organization for Women take to try to influence policy and public agenda? 

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The National Organization for Women (NOW) is a United States–based feminist organization that was founded in 1966. NOW was founded because leading feminists at the time, including renowned feminist author Betty Friedan, felt that the conferences and organizing for the equal rights of women were not doing enough and wanted a political organization to promote a gender-based agenda.

NOW has political offices in fifty states and over 600 chapters throughout the US, and it has its national headquarters in Washington, DC. Some of the ways that NOW influences policy is through the promotion and funding of its PAC, a fund that is used to endorse political candidates who are advancing the rights of women. Another way NOW effects policy is through lobbying. NOW encourages members and organizes groups to lobby for legislation that promotes NOW's organization values and advances the rights of women.

In terms of how NOW influences public agenda, NOW's organizational values include...

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