In Silas Marner, what action does hope lead Silas to take?

Expert Answers
amarang9 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I’m not sure to which hope you are referring, but I think the one of the most significant (and subtle) moments of hope is just after Dunstan has stolen Silas’ money. He is grief-stricken, but it is the beginning of his detachment from that money; a detachment from inanimate things. Over the course of the holidays, although he is still despondent, he begins to show glimmers of hope and the villagers have also begun to show him more sympathy and Dolly begins to visit him occasionally. Because Silas is freed of his attachment to the money and because he receives attention, actual human interaction from the community, he begins to open up – even in small ways like leaving his door and shutters open. He does this mostly in the hopes that his money will return. But it is hope nonetheless and in general and literally, he begins to ‘open up’ to the outside world. It is because of this general hope that he leaves his door open which allows Eppie into his life. His hope leads him to open up to the outside world and to literally open his door.