What action does Dexter take as a result of his first meeting with Judy Jones?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

An argument can be made that Dexter recognizes what he covets when he first sees Judy.  In many ways, Dexter only fully recognizes what he wants out of his own life when he sees Judy and what she represents.  Her sense of style or panache, and the manner with which she carries herself without fear, without any hesitance, and, most importantly, with much in way of money helps to animate Dexter's own vision of coveting wealth and wanting to belong to a social setting where its trappings are dominant.  Dexter is not repulsed when he sees Judy. Rather, he is taken with her and her representation of a world of wealth and privilege that he is not able to partake at the time, but one to which he certainly seeks to belong upon seeing her.