What actions did The First Continental Congress take?

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rrteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The major action the First Continental Congress took was to proclaim what was known as the "Association," basically an agreement to boycott English goods and to call for the creation of a network of committees to enforce the boycott and to communicate between the colonies. The Congress also issued a petition to King George, stating their grievances and claiming that they feared being reduced to "servitude," and sent a list of rights and grievances to the legislatures of each of the colonies as a gesture of unity. These gestures may seem fairly cautious, and they were, but the Association in particular had a dramatic effect. As mentioned above, committees were created across the colony at the colonial, county, and city level to enforce the terms of the Association. Historian T.H. Breen has recently argued that because these committees, which used intimidation and even violence to enforce the boycott, drew their legitimacy from a central body in the form of the First Continental Congress, they represented a early step toward a national revolutionary consciousness. So the First Continental Congress played a very important role in the outbreak of the American Revolution.