What action demonstrates that Daniel has changed at the end of the novel?  

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gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Throughout the entire novel, Daniel seeks to avenge the death of his parents and manifests his hate toward the Roman Empire. Towards the end of the novel, Daniel finds out that a Roman soldier named Marcus is interested in his sister, Leah. In Chapter 23, Daniel loses his temper after finding out that Marcus gave Leah a basket of fruit as a gift. Daniel's tirade ends up sending Leah into another catatonic spell. When Marcus finds out that Leah is ill, he stands outside of Daniel's house and asks Daniel how she is doing. Daniel spits on the ground in disgust and comments, "What is it to you if another Jew is dying?" (Speare 249). When Marcus tells Daniel that he simply wishes to see Leah before he is transferred, Daniel tells Marcus that he would rather let Leah die before he let Marcus inside his home. Later on in the last chapter, Jesus and Thacia visit Daniel's home and Jesus heals Leah. Daniel accepts Jesus' message and decides to let go of his hate and bitterness. On the last page of the novel, Daniel walks over to Marcus and tells him that the fever has left Leah and that she would like to say good-bye to him. Daniel then invites Marcus into his home which demonstrates that Daniel has changed.

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