What are the achievements of the United Nations Organization?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are several successes of the United Nations. One success was keeping South Korea independent after North Korea attacked them without provocation in 1950. The United Nations put together a fighting force of soldiers from several countries, led by the United States, to force North Korea out of South Korea. South Korea remains independent today.

The United Nations helped save the pyramids in Egypt. When there was a proposal to build a highway that would endanger the pyramids, the United Nations acted to divert the building of the highway so the pyramids would remain safe.

The United Nations has worked to eliminate some diseases and to protect the environment. The United Nations worked to wipe out smallpox with a vast immunization campaign. The United Nations also worked to get countries to work together to protect the ozone layer by getting countries to sign an agreement to reduce carbon emissions.

The United Nations has also worked to help children. The Children’s fund of the United Nations works to protect the rights of kids.

The United Nations has had many successes.