What are the achievements of Rudyard Kiping?

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kipling2448 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The achievements of Rudyard Kipling lie in his literary contributions, which remain popular and oft-cited more than 70 years after his death.    

Kipling was the quintessential English adventurer and writer, who left behind classics of literature including his poems "If," "Gunga Din," and "The White Man's Burden," and whose works of fiction included The Jungle Book, Just So Stories, Kim, and Captains Courageous.

Born in the crown jewel of the British Empire, India, Kipling became a leading chronicler through his poems and stories of the English experience as colonizer of Asia.  While many readers assume that Kipling was an avid supporter of the British Empire, his works are full of observations that can only be interpreted as representing a cynical view of the effects of imperialism on native peoples.  He understood from his travels and acquaintences the toll empire-building takes not just on those being colonized, but on the ruler as well.