What were Chinua Achebe's major concerns when writing Things Fall Apart?

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Chinua Achebe, author of the novel Things Fall Apart, was a preeminent Nigerian author whose works defied the Eurocentric biases of classic literature and were lauded as brilliant texts. In Things Fall Apart, it is apparent that one clear concern motivated Achebe's detailed narrative. 

The Igbo people represented in Achebe's novel are whole, round characters with complex emotions and relationships. In this way, they are relatable to the reader, even if the reader is not Igbo. This is a crucial aspect of the novel, which explores in minute detail the values, mores, societal structure, and traditional culture of the Igbo people. To emphasize the illustration of the Igbo, Achebe also presents a contrasting culture -- that of the imperialist Europeans. Achebe, concerned with an accurate and humanizing depiction of the Igbo culture, accomplishes his goal by creating empathetic characters whose way of life is clearly represented through explicit and implicit illustration. 

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