What accusation did Armand make of Desiree and the baby? What was Desirees' immidiate response?

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Armand, in Chopin's Desiree's Baby, accuses Desiree of being partially black.  Armand feel in love with Desiree when he came upon her one day.  Desiree is adopted and does not have a true identity or name. Armand has one of the best known names in the area and wants to give his to her. This being said, Armand holds identity and pride very high.

After marrying Armand, Desiree gives birth.  This child, as noted by Desiree's mother, is changing as it grows older.  The baby looks more like the quadroon (quarter black) servant than a white child.

Armand’s behavior begins to change, toward both Desiree and his slaves.  He becomes abusive of his slaves and begins to ignore Desiree and their baby.  After coming into the house in anger one day, Desiree asks Armand to tell her what the baby's change means. Armand tells her that it means the baby is not white and that she, too, is not white.

Desiree tells Armand that she is white.  That what he is saying is not true.  She backs this up by telling him that her skin is lighter than his own.  She tells Armand that he is, in fact, darker skinned than she.