What is accross the board adjustment in real estate?

Expert Answers
boblawrence eNotes educator| Certified Educator

“Across-the Board-Adjustments” are applied to real estate appraisals.  Adjustments are made when the subject property is compared to comparable properties.  Adjustments are in either of two directions, CIA = comparable inferior, value is added to subject property, CBS = comparable superior, value is subtracted from subject property.

The ideal appraisal involves actual and specific evaluation by the appraiser of the subject property and the comparables.  Adjustments are then based on real and specific differences in the properties such as property location, condition, curb appeal, lot size and so forth.

Across-the-board adjustments are based on a general concept of the differences between the subject property and comparables, and are not necessarily supported by reality.  Since specific evaluations are not employed, there is a chance of inaccuracies in either direction (CIA or CBS).

The reference gives tips on evaluating a real estate appraisal.  It outlines the danger of across-the-board adjustments.  It instructs how to examine the appraisal critically in order to detect the likely accuracy (or lack thereof) of the appraisal.