What according to Russell are the real function of a teacher as discussed in his essay"The Function of a teacher." give references from text

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

For Russell, the teacher's function is rooted in the idea of enlarging the world of the student.  There should be an intellectual pursuit in which the student is able to sample as much as possible before making a decision as to what defines their own values and belief system.  Russell sees the function of a teacher as being to instruct through content, but also inform about life.  The ability to " open vistas…as delightful as they are useful…" becomes one of the most important elements to define a teacher.  

At the same time, the teacher should see their purpose as enabling students "to survey the world and freely choose a purpose which to them appears of value."  The teacher's purpose is to ensure that students find pupose. The teacher's function is to enhance this idea of choice and intellectual freedom. Russell notes that the modern condition is one in which democracies have prevailed over non- democratic orders and the teacher's function is to embrace this reality.  In conveying it to the students through the enlargement of intellectual "vistas," Russell sees the primary function of the teacher being met.