What academic readings can I use to support Twilight's theme?of either choice, unconditional love or good vs evil? i neeed academic readingd, quotes and refrencing in my essay.

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It sounds like you are working on an interesting project. There are a lot of readings that can be done to talk about good and evil and the nature of love, but I think a great place to start to get the conversation going is to read Plato. As you probably know, Plato recounts the dialogues of Socrates and often times Socrates is trying to find out what is truly good or beautiful or what is the most ethical way to live. You can read a short work to begin with - Euthyphro. After you finish this, check of Symposium and other work. Often times Socrates finishes with a sense of "aporia," which basically means there is no great answer yet. In the end, there will be a lot to think about.

udonbutterfly | Student

You can choose between Wuthering Heights and Romeo and Juliet. I would choose Wuthering Heights as the top contender especially since Meyer used a lot of references from Wuthering Heights. Some examples that you can compare to twilight would be...

The concept of love vs. status- Although Bella loves Edward so much the best option for her to choose would Jacob since he is more human than Edward and he can give her a human life. Also Charlie likes Jacob more than Edward. Just like in Wuthering Heights Catherine chooses between who would give her the better life.

The concept of love being obsession- This is a key point as to why Bella chooses Edward over Jacob. Although she had feelings for Jacob it was nothing compared to the feelings she has for Edward which border on the line of obsession (especially with her being able to see delusions of Edward).

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