What about this book makes it a fictional tale?obviously the memory loss and the time travel makes it a fantasy novel but what other attributes have fantasy elements!

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are some distinct elements to Yolen's work that make it fantasy.  As noted, the time travel aspect as well as the memory loss constitute fantasy.  In another sense, some might argue that the idea of being able to create a sense of moral evolution and righteousness could help to be seen as an element of fantasy.  This logic suggests that Hannah's experiences help to establish a moral order into the world, which was only brought about by a sense of fantasy.  The individuals that Hannah/ Chaya meets when she is inserted into Poland are individuals who acquire greater significance when seen in the light of helping to creating a sense of moral order in her own spiritual world.  Perhaps, this moral evolution and change in the protagonist is where we find the fiction component in the historical fiction genre.  It does not suggest that moral evolution and change is fictional, but the theme of the story is geared towards modern young adults in understanding the role of purpose of spirituality, as well as the need for moral order.

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