Explain a situation where a person has to choose one option out of many? What was its impact on his/her life?

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Let’s take a situation right out of high school. Students have completed a mandatory expectation of society; they have gotten a high school diploma.  Now students must make a choice that will determine the quality of the rest of their lives. They can go to college, get married, go into the military, work in their family business, or get a job, and sometimes two of those combined. The decision they make totally affects the rest of their lives.  

If they decide to go to college, they are looking at four years of expenses and hard work.  However, the Bureau of Statistic has calculated that a college graduate who works 40 years full time will earn one million dollars more than a high school graduate in his/her lifetime.  (See documentation below)

This does not only affect men but also women.  If a person decides to marry right out of high school, the chances of divorce in the United States are 40-50 percent. (See documentation below).  Generally the women retain custody of the children and they need to go back to work to make ends meet.  Therefore, their education is just as important as the males.  We no longer live in a society where the man is the main bread winner.  Even if the marriage stays together, the cost of raising children has increased and, many times, two incomes are necessary to live the style of life wanted by both parties.

If the student, male or female, decides to go into the military, there are many benefits they will receive, but there are also many disadvantages.  Benefits include medical treatment for free, a low-cost loan for his/her first home, shopping privileges to buy items at a low cost, extensive travel, and other Veteran’s benefits.  The disadvantages include separation from family while you are overseas, possibility of death or dismemberment, and low salaries while you are in the military. The student needs to weigh his/her situation with the pros and cons of this profession.

Students could work in their family business.  If their mother or father is very successful, and the student enjoys doing that kind of work, it might be very beneficial.  They will probably inherit the business, and they may end up a very successful business owner.  However, if they hate doing that kind of work, the idea of spending the next forty years doing something they hate, may not be very enticing.

Finally, students could get a job with their high school diploma.  As stated previously, they will earn approximately one million dollars less in their lifetimes than a college graduate.  They will start out at minimum wage and hope for the prospect of a promotion.  Many high school graduates have been overlooked for other candidates that have a two year college degree. 

The choice is up to the individual.  However, the choice that they make will affect the rest of their lives.  Where they live, who they associate with, what they can offer their children, and how they will affect others in their lives. 


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