What is it about Hercules that would have inspired the Greeks? Visit the following site to answer the  question:...

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The dominant quality of Hercules' strength had to have played a role in the inspiration to the Greeks.  Even from the youngest of ages, the article makes mention of Hercules' strength as a toddler.  The Greeks would have revered his strength for many reasons.  Strength was identified as an aspect of masculinity, with the more strength, the greater the man.  Hercules would have been vaulted into a position of reverence for this, alone.  One does not see the Greeks paying much homage to characters who are not strong.  Another reason why the Greeks were inspired by Hercules would be the 12 labors themselves.  The idea that Hercules had to endure trial after trial, without any or much objection would have appealed to the Greeks because it helped to solidify the idea that arete, glory, could only be accomplished when significant obstacles are meant to be overcome.