What about biological importance of mineral substances?

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By modeling biochemical activity in the body, mineral salts occur in the body to adapt to environment. A lot of response reactions to the request of the environment depends on the existence of minimal concentrations of mineral elements.More the relationship with external factors is more stressful, more the body wear becomes more marked.

Maintaining a permanent adaptability depends in large part by the physiological process deployment. Insufficiency of mineral substances affects the human body resistance and causes the development of certain diseases.By overcomming certain quantities, considered the optimal, is generating diseases as serious as well.

The role of the mineral is related to trade energy, adjusting the quantity of water in tissues,metabolism of  proteins,  increasing function, the equilibrium of the nervous system, the processes of synthesis of hemoglobin.

It was found that mineral substances have a fundamental role in cell and marrow growt. In this way are acting:calcium, zinc, etc.The intake of minerals leads to resumption of physiological growth. Significant losses in content of the mineral elements may occur through processing technology, the biggest loss being recorded in the transformation of grain in flour, the losses being greater as the flour is whiter.

The idea of using mineral substances in the therapy of certain conditions was outlined in the last decades.It is the latest result of observations made over the years on deficiencies, corrected by the administration of minerals, as well as modern research which has enabled the identification of modalities of action of these .

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