What is the plot of The Metamorphosis?

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The Metamorphosis is available to read for free on eNotes.com and elsewhere on the Internet. Here is a brief summary.

Gregor Samsa is a hard-working but unhappy traveling salesman. One morning, he wakes up late and discovers that he has been transformed into a huge insect, like a beetle with folded wings and a hard exoskeleton. Instead of wondering about the transformation, Gregor worries about his responsibilities and his job, as well as his parents and sister who depend on his salery. As a worker from Gregor's office appears to ask where he is, Gregor's parents and sister discover his transformation as well as his inability to speak normally. Gregor slowly becomes more comfortable in his new body, but he is treated with disgust by everyone, even his sister who is the only one to show him compassion. Fearing that he has lost his humanity, Gregor tries to stop his family from removing his possessions, but his father pelts him with apples and drives him away. Gregor starts to become sick and his family resents his presence, as well as the loss of his income. One night, he tries to connect with his family again, but scares off the boarding guests who are providing income. Without hope for his future, Gregor dies, and his family begins to realize they are better off with their new jobs.


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