What are the abiotic factors of the physical environment in Loxahatchee, Florida?It has to be about Loxahatchee, Florida

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Well, abiotic factors are pretty much the same anywhere on the globe you want to name.  Abiotic factors in an ecosystem would include all the physical and chemical properties of nonliving things.  That would include light (radiation from the sun), atmospheric gas composition, water, whether salt(marine) or fresh, soil composition, and temperature.  All these abiotic factors can be influenced by the climate, which is affected by the amount of direct radiation the Earth receives from the sun.  Loxahatchee appears to be in the lower part of the temperate zone, maybe in the upper part of the tropical zone, which would probably give it warm temperatures the year round, accompanied by lots of rainfall, since it is close to Floridas east coast, which borders on the Atlantic Ocean.  The tropical zone is home to the greatest diversity of wildlife because the abiotic factors promote a greater diversity of ecosystem support, which is capable of supporting that wildlife.  Virtually all the cycles of the Earth would be in full tilt here, such as the carbon cycle, water cycle, and nitrogen cycle.