What is Abigail Williams' strengths, flaws, and motivations in Act 1 of The Crucible?

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It’s easy to hate Abigail Williams. Her flaws are blatant to the reader. She will do anything she can in order to avoid trouble. In act 1 of The Crucible, when she sees an opportunity to blame Tituba for their actions in the forest, she quickly lies, telling Reverend Hale that it was Tituba who called on the devil in the forest, asserting that she is innocent: “I’m a good girl!” However, when Tituba is eventually praised by Hale for turning her back on the devil and confessing her “crimes,” Abigail sees an opportunity. She too confesses her “crimes” and, like Tituba, begins naming names of supposed witches in the community, which starts the witchcraft hysteria. She knows naming names means danger for the named women, but she doesn’t care about their fates, only her own. She also knows that the women she has named are the lower-class women in society, and so they are easy for her to target.

From Abigail’s point of view, this shrewdness is a strength. It allows her to...

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