What does the abbreviation "mbbs" mean?course of mbbs and the duration

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The meaning of any abbreviation depends on context; different organizations and disciplines use the same abbreviations differently.

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery is a medical definition. Duration of studies vary; it takes six years some places, five plus internship others, etc. It depends on the country.


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Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery

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It is actually a acronym. It can stand for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, which means a medical agree that is awarded in india, a four-year term. It also can mean Music Business Bachelor of Science which also means another science degree from the Full Sail University.

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MBBS is an acronym. Possible meanings include:  


(1) Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery: This is the name of the four-year medical degree awarded in countries such as India.


(2) Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary: Founded in 1955 in California, this organization is the denominational seminary of the United Mennonite Brethren Churches.


(3) Mouth Big, Brain Small: This derogatory phrase is usually directed at someone who acts like they know more than they actually do


(4) Moderated Bulletin Board Service: Bulletin Board services allow people to share information and post comments with other users through a modem. Moderated versions include supervision of posted material.  

Additional meanings may include: Managed Broad Band Service, Mitochondrial Benzodiazepine Binding Site


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