What are the 9 forms of Potential energy and Kinetic energy?

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Kinetic energy is the energy of an object due to its motion, while the potential energy is the energy due to its position. The various forms of potential and kinetic energy are:

  • Gravitational energy: energy due to an object's height.Higher the object, more is the gravitational potential energy.
  • chemical energy: energy stored in bond and compounds, such as fuels (wood, coal, petroleum, etc.)
  • nuclear energy: energy of the nucleus. It can strong nuclear potential energy or weak potential nuclear energy. This energy can be released either by combining lighter nuclei (fusion) or splitting heavier nuclei (fission). 
  • mechanical energy: energy stored in compressed or stretched materials, such as springs.
  • Thermal energy: kinetic energy due to motion of hot particles, higher the temperature, more will be the thermal kinetic energy. 
  • electrical energy: energy of moving electrons due to potential difference.
  • sound: energy of moving waves. 
  • radiant energy: energy due to electromagnetic radiations, including x-ray, gamma ray, etc.
  • motion energy: energy inherent due to motion of a body. 

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