What are 8 significant things that happened in the book "Okay For Now"

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the most significant elements in Schimdt's Okay for Now is that Doug is one his own.  He lacks much in way of a basic resource network.  Along these lines, two other significant thing to happen is that Doug is regularly abused by his older brother, in terms of bullied, and beaten by his father.  These help to form a considerable part of his identity, one that is not excessively trusting of the world around him.  It is evident that Doug's mother lacks substantive voice in the family, and thus furthering Doug's withdrawal from the world.  Doug's other older brother, Lucas, is serving in Vietnam.  This is significant because it will cast another challenging element in Doug's life upon his return.  The family's move to Marysville in upstate New York is another aspect of the exposition that demonstrates another aspect of difficulty in Doug's life.  Doug finds Marysville to be very small, and reflective of the attitudes that he will face. Doug is not given a real chance to succeed by the townspeople, who view him with skepticism and mistrust.  The refuge in which Doug can find sanctuary is in studying Audubon's books about birds, reflecting Doug's ability to remain mired in the world around him, but also see something transformative within himself in order to escape it.  These elements, or things, help to establish the exposition of Schimdt's Okay for Now.

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