Please give a summary of Part 3: "Burning Bright" from Fahrenheit 451.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Part 3 of this book, Montag leaves his previous life behind.  This starts when he is at his own home, there to burn it down.  What he ends up doing is burning Captain Beatty to death.  After that, he is a wanted man.

He manages to escape and gets out into the countryside.  While he is there, he meets a group of men who call themselves "book covers."  They are people who have been thrown out of society for being involved with books and thinking and such.  Each of them has at least one book memorized so that its message can be retrieved if the world changes.

At the end of the book, the city that Montag came from is destroyed by a nuclear weapon.  Now there maybe a need for a new civilization and the knowledge the book covers have in their heads.

mkcapen1 | Student

Montag is in conflict with Beatty.  Beatty taunts and irritates Montag cruelly.  He has warned him in the past but now it is time for a consequence.  He forces Montag to burn his own home.  Montag is not as upset by this as Beatty thinks.

Faber tries to get Montag to escape.  Beatty has made Montage uncertain and insecure.  Beatty starts to track Faber.  Montage in a heated argument with Captain Beatty sets Beatty on fire by dousing him with liquid fire. 

Monatg tries to escape.  The only friend he has is Faber.  While attempting to escape Montage gathers some of the books he had hidden.  As he heads to Faber's he learns that his town is at war.  He escapes but after his city is destroyed he feels compelled to return to the city in order to help to rebuild it and offer aid. 

You can add some of your own sentences to complete the assignment in the manner as requested.  Hope this helps.

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