What are 6 ways that children can hurt themselves/each other using a toy.Less than 300 words

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Anyone who's ever watched kids play can tell you there are closer to six million ways for kids to hurt themselves or each other.  Here are a few:

1.  Choking.  If the toy is little enough, or can be torn into pieces, little kids can put it in their mouth and choke on it.

2.  Smacking someone else in the head.  Plenty of toys are pretty hard and hurt a kid when some other kid smacks them in the head.

3.  Falling off.  There are all these little castle and slide toys.  Falling off them hurts.

4.  Carrying them, tripping and falling on them.

5.  Strangling.  A kid can use any toy that's long and flexible to strangle himself or another kid.

6. Poking out an eye.  Any toy that's got a point smaller than the size of an eyesocket can take out an eye.


krishna-agrawala | Student

Children can hurt themselves or each other playing with or using unsafe toys in following six ways.

  1. Physical or Mechanical damage: This is the most obvious ways in which toys can be unsafe. Toys that have parts too small is size can be ingested by young children. Toys too heavy can cause hurt by impact. Toys with sharp points it edges cause cuts. Toys as guns and bows can cause damage by objects shot out by them.
  2. Causing fire or getting burns: Products that involve use of fire, or can cause fire pose obvious danger.
  3. Coming in contact with or ingesting harmful chemicals:This may be due to material used for making toys or for painting them. Other material such as paints and putty used by children also needs to be chemically safe.
  4. Getting electrical shocks: If the toys are electrical operated, there can be a danger of electrical shock.
  5. Being exposed to unhygienic material: For example, if stuffed toys are not washable, these can become very unhygienic.
  6. Being exposed to radiations: This can happen if the material used for making toys contains some material that is radio active, or if some electrically operated toys generate other harmful radiations.