What are the 6 phases of tragedy?Which one poem and one short story would fit each phases? (Plase give 12 examples; 6 poem and 6 short stories)

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clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I will give you the 6 phases - but you should read them over and decide out of what you have read in this class which works fit best.  Oedipus is a character who fits this sequence almost perfectly.

6 Phases:

  1. Main character opens in dignity.
  2. Main character lacks proper experience to make correct decisions - due to age or narrow vision.
  3. The main character sets off on a journey where something great is possible.
  4. The main character falls - often due to pride (hubris).
  5. The main character weakens as irony increases.
  6. The tragedy ends in shock, horror, pity.