What are the 6 most important events in this story.

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anthonda49 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

1.The important opening event reveals the death of Polly, a serving girl who grew up with Mattie. Mattie is given no time to grieve for her friend because of the busy needs in running the coffeehouse.

2. Mattie's encounter with Nathaniel and their reminiscing about a balloon launch they attended shows that Mattie has a male interest in her life. Nathaniel is going into seclusion with his master's family to avoid the spreading yellow fever. He gives Mattie flowers.

3.Mattie and her mother, Lucinda, are invited to tea with a wealthy family who is still in Philadelphia, despite the usual out-flux of the wealthy during the hot summer. Here Mattie learns that the rich flee to the countryside to avoid the heat and illness that summer frequently brings.

4. Lucinda, Mattie's mother, falls ill. Mattie tries to take care of her and experiences first-hand the symptoms of the yellow fever. Lucinda orders Mattie and her grandfather to leave for the safety of the Luddington's farm in the country.

5. Mattie takes care of her grandfather when he becomes ill, though not with the plague. Because of his illness, the two are put off the wagon and turned away from a near-by village. Mattie's lessons about soldiering pay off.

6. Mattie falls ill with yellow fever, and her grandfather returns her to a hospital in Philadelphia where she recovers.

7. On their return to the coffeehouse, they find it stripped. Burglars break in and Mattie's grandfather dies defending her.

8. Mattie finds Eliza (a former worker at the coffeehouse) still alive and shelters with her. During that time she finds a toddler named Nell whose mother has died of the plague. Mattie takes care of Nell and becomes very attached to her.

9. Mattie and Eliza return to the coffeehouse and reopen it. Nathaniel and Mattie are reunited with Nathaniel helping out.

10. The rich, including President George Washington, return to the town, showing the plague is at an end. Lucinda returns to the coffeehouse an invalid after her illness and relapse when searching for Mattie.

I know this is more than six events. Each seemed important to me, so pick and choose which six you feel are most crucial to the story.

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