What are the 5 ways how weather prediction is important to humans?

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besure77 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Weather prediction is important for numerous reasons.

First of all, weather prediction is important because it can save lives. Meteorologists are able to predict when tornadoes or hurricanes are approaching so that warnings or watches may be issued. They are also able to predict rainfall amounts so that flood warnings and watches may be issued as well.

Another reason that weather prediction is important is because it assists farmers in planting and cultivating their crops. Meteorologists can warm farmers of drought, frosts, and freezes which can be devastating to the farming community.

The aviation industry also depends on weather forecasts in order to take off, land, and fly planes in order to get people to their destinations safely. Pilots and air traffic controllers need to know about thunderstorms, updrafts, downdrafts, fog, lightening and numerous other aspects of weather. The jet stream also plays an important role in this.

Just as weather prediction is important to the aviation industry, it is important to the marine industry as well. Boats are used for both commercial and recreational purposesĀ and many people travel this way. Boaters and captains need to be informed about winds, thunderstorms and tides.

Utility companies also need to be aware of incoming weather. If they know ahead of time that bad weather is approaching then they are able to have staff on hand to fix any outages that may occur from a bad storm.

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