What are 5 things you can learn by going to the State of Texas legislature's website ?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Different people will gain different insights from the same website.  Such is the nature of web design.  Everyone should be able to offer different aspects of what was understood from a particular website.

In this light, I offer that one of the most important elements that I gain out of the State of Texas legislature's website is the ability to find specific legislation that has been passed.  The search engine simply requires you to type in a word or phrase or a specific Bill number and individuals can gain access to the legislative history and specific acts that have been passed.  For example, if one types in "social work," 37 different options pop up. They range from legislation ranging from child custody evaluations to health professionals' resources centers being built.  

Another item that can be understood is the membership of the Texas state legislature.  In the top left hand corner of the website are immediate links to background and biographical date for members of the Texas legislature. This helps in gaining a better understanding of the legislators who are sponsoring specific bills or legislation.  

Being able to gain background on how the legislative process is another unique feature of the website.  On the right side, in the middle of the pane, there is detailed analysis of how a bill becomes a law, and specific information regarding session activity.  Of course, as with so many websites, the website offers information on how to obtain a mobile version of the site.  This increase accessibility to the website and make the process of participation in the legislative process in Texas more open to more people.

Finally, the website offers an interactive feature in which individuals can type in their location in the state of Texas and find out who their legislator is.  This helps to create more accountability by which there is a greater understanding towards being able to hold elected representatives accountable as individuals are easily able to find out who to contact when they wish to voice their opinion or simply wish to be aware of who represents their interests in the Texas legislature.

rachellopez | Student

There are many different things you can learn on this website. It gives a lot of information about the House and Senate. It gives biographies of important people like Texas' Speaker of the House Joe Straus and other members of the legislature. The site also has calendars that shows new bills and resolutions from the House and dates for committee meetings. 

The search box allows you to type in a word or a bill number and you can find all the information on that topic. It's very easy to find background information if you need it. They have a news section on the left hand side, under both the house and senate, so you can view all the recent activity.

Finally, you can get information on how to contact your representatives or senator as well as were to find more information about bills and the legislative process.