What are the 5 stages of plot in Lyddie?  ex: Rising Action, Turning Point, Climax, Falling Action, & Conclusion

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The exposition of a story is the beginning, where the characters and setting are introduced.  In the beginning of this story, we meet the main and title character Lyddie.  Lyddie is a strong, confident woman but her family is very poor and she is not educated.  The setting is the Industrial North in the mid-19th century, although in the beginning of the story Lyddie is in Vermont.

The rising action of a story is the events that begin to complicate the plot.  In this case, Lyddie leaves the farm and goes to the big city to work in a factory.  There she learns how things work and befriends a factory worker, Diana Goss, who is an activist who wants to reform the factory to get better working conditions for the girls.

The climax occurs when Lyddie is fired from her job for standing up to her boss.  She does not understand what he means when he accuses her of moral turpitude (immorality), so the usually fiery Lyddie cannot defend herself.  Since she is not given a certificate of honorable discharge, she cannot get another job.

In the falling action, Lyddie learns the meaning of moral turpitude and is horrified.  She confronts her old boss and looks up her old friend Diana Goss, but she accomplishes nothing so she returns home to Vermont dejected.

The resolution occurs when Lyddie returns home and sees Luke, an old friend.  She tells him she is planning to go to college.  She also plans to marry him.