What are five reasons the Declaration of Independence was written?

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We can identify the five major reasons why the Declaration of Independence was written by looking at each section of the document. In the Preamble, it states that when people want to get rid of a government, they need to explain to everybody why they want to do this.  The second and third reasons can be found in the next section.  It says there are certain rights all people have. These rights can’t be taken away or given up.  These are our natural rights that include life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Additionally, the job of government is to protect these rights.  When the government no longer protects the people's rights, the people must overthrow the government. The longest section of the document is a list of complaints people had against the British.  The writers believed these complaints needed to be made public. The final reason for writing the document was to publicly declare that we were free from British rule. 

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