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What are 5 questions about the story, "A Sound of Thunder?"

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What service does the Time Safari business offer?

Its guides use a time travel machine to take hunters back to past times in order to kill animals that they are unable to hunt, in the present day. The story is set in the year 2055.

How far back does the group plan to go this time, and what do they plan to do?

They go to back to prehistoric time. Travis says that it’s more than sixty million years ago. Their intent is to kill a Tyrannosaurus rex.

What measures has Time Safari taken in order to prevent “accidents” from impacting the future?

Their people have constructed a metal path that every visitor must walk on, in order not to damage any plants or to step on the actual ground. They have also made previous trips to scout out which animals are going to die anyway, due to natural causes or from other accidents.

How did Eckels kill a butterfly?

He was scared of the dinosaur and was dazed as he walked back to the time machine. He didn’t realize or didn’t care that he had stepped off the path. Only when the group came back to the present day, did anyone see that mud and a butterfly were stuck to his shoe.

What happens at the end of the story?

We assume that someone got shot. The future had been changed because of the death of the butterfly. We are left to decide who shot whom.

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