What are 5 questions a reporter would ask Hamlet in an interview based on act 1?

Expert Answers
amymc eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a great questions.  Here goes!

1.  Hamlet, I see that you are wearing clothes of mourning and have noticed some tension between you and your parents. I must ask, how do you feel about your mother marrying your uncle so quickly after your father's death?

2.  Hamlet, we heard from a reliable source that a ghost seems to be haunting Elsinore.  In fact, sources say it is the image of your father suited for battle. Knowing this, will you try to contact the supposed ghost?

3.  Hamlet, inside sources tell us that you have been seen in the company of Ophelia, the King's adviser's daughter.  Can you deny or confirm that there is a budding relationship here?  If so, how will it affect the kingdom?

4. Hamlet, your uncle has denied your request to return to school, citing that your duties should keep you home.  Are you upset that your education has been put on hold, and more specifically, are you upset that your uncle has passed you by as heir to the throne?

5.  Apparently, Claudius has sent ambassadors to Norway to help diminish the unrest caused by young Fortinbras.  He is about your age and has also lost a father.  How do you think your common situations might play out as far as the future of both countries is concerned?