What are the 5 most important events in the story and what are the conflicts?

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clane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

1. Jonas has a wonderfully regulated life until his twelvth birthday at which point all Twelves receive their assignment. Jonas receives the job as the Receiver of Memory.

2. Right after Jonas receives his assignment he is ripped from his life with his friends and must endure the lonliness of his new assignment. He also learns that he must endure a great amount of pain to successfully do his assignment which also makes him fearful of what he about to embark on.

3. Jonas begins his job as the Receiver of Memory. The Giver begins to feed Jonas memories. He begins to feel angry with the people in his life because they are superficial in their emotions and desires. Jonas versus the community begins.

4. Jonas witnesses his father's job of "releasing babies" and this is where Jonas learns of the murder that takes place for no better reason than these children are not falling within the specifications that the society has deemed copacetic.This is where we find the conflicts of Jonas versus the community most prevalent.

5. Jonas escapes with his brother Gabriel (who is set to "released"). The ending is wrought with ambiguity where Jonas is concerned because it's difficult to say what actually happened to him.

thinkaboutit800 | Student

Person vs. society because jonas ran away to find elsewhere and the community went searching for him