Identify meaningful events in the life of Hector.

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One of the most meaningful events of Hector's life is how he stands up for Troy.  He recognizes that Paris' kidnapping of Helen is not appropriate and not virtuous.  Yet, Hector recognizes the responsibility he has to Troy, her citizens, and soldiers.  The fact that he stands for Troy regardless of cost to himself is a meaningful event in his life.  Hector's leadership of the Trojan troops is also significant in that it leads to Hector killing Patrocles, unaware of who he was killing.  This event is significant because it brings Achilles' wrath to full fruition and causes him to seek vengeance against the Trojan leader.  Homer immortalizes a significant event when Hector bids his wife and son farewell, offering a prayer to the Gods to watch over his son's fate.  Hector standing to face the great and wrath filled Achilles is something that is significant as it represents his final stand.  The honor with which he faces his death, representative of the honor and dignity of a soldier even as he knows that the final result is guaranteed is significant as it serves as a testament to his sense of character and represents a reason as to why Hector is so vital to the narrative of the Trojan war.


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