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What are 5 major events in the novel Tangerine?

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A lot happens during this novel. I'll pick several important events that occur over the course of the novel in order to provide a better picture of how much actually happens to Paul.

  1. Paul and his family move from Houston, Texas to Tangerine, Florida.
  2. Paul tries out for the soccer team, but he doesn't make the playing squad because of his eyesight handicap. Paul is only eligible to be the team manager. 
  3. A huge sinkhole opens up and destroys a large portion of Paul's current school. Paul is forced to transfer to Tangerine Middle School.
  4. Paul begs his mother not to file his handicap papers, and he tries out for the soccer team. He makes the squad as a backup goalie.
  5. Paul becomes friends with Tino. Paul visits the Cruz's nursery, and the experience is an eye-opener for Paul. 
  6. Tino comes over to Paul's house, and Paul's older brother, Erik, hits Tino hard.
  7. Tino's older brother, Luis, confronts Erik later about the incident. Erik has one of his thug buddies hit Luis in the head with a blackjack. The head trauma ends up killing Luis. Paul witnessed the entire event.
  8. Tino and his friends attempt to get revenge on Erik. Paul helps out by attacking a coach in order to help Tino get away.
  9. Paul confronts Erik about the Luis incident, and Paul finally remembers why his eyesight is so bad. Erik and a buddy of his held Paul's eyes open and spray-painted them.
  10. Erik is caught stealing from the neighborhood, and Paul tells the police about Erik's involvement with Luis's death.
  11. Paul is expelled for his fight with the coach, and he begins attending a new school.
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  1. Paul’s family moves from Houston to Tangerine-the inciting incident, which is a term for the event that kicks off all of the action.

  2. Paul’s school is almost swallowed by a sinkhole-the rising action and the reason why Paul is allowed to move to Tangerine Middle School, shed his IEP, and make a whole different set of friends, which empowers and emboldens him.

  3. Arthur Bauer hits and kills  Luis with a blackjack-the point of no return. Paul now has to decide what is more important: his newfound friends or his fear over his brother’s cruelty and retaliation.

  4. Awards Night Fight: Paul helps his friends from Tangerine beat up Erik in revenge for Luis’ death. This helps Paul solve the main mystery of the book, as he has a mental breakthrough and remembers how Erik was the one who hurt his eyes.

  5. Erik Arrested: the conclusion. Erik finally gets his comeuppance, and Paul’s parents undergo a dramatic transformation, finally acknowledging that their son needs help (or some jail time.)


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