The Crossing: Volume Two: The Border Trilogy

by Cormac McCarthy
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What are five main plot points after page 75 in The Crossing?

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In the beginning of Cormac McCarthy's The Crossing, the protagonist Billy Parham is on a mission to return to the mountains a she-wolf that has gotten trapped on the ranch.  After this adventure, Billy returns to his parents' ranch to find that it has been burglarized.  He and his brother Boyd decide to go find the horses that have been stolen from their family.  This is where the five plot points begin: 

1.  Billy and Boyd find their family's horses and manage to get them back for the time being'

2.  Billy and Boyd take on a young girl who eventually becomes Boyd's girlfriend;

3.  Boyd is shot and killed;

4.  Billy meets a wise old man with no eyes who provides him with direction;

5.  Billy returns home with Boyd's bones.

The novel is based more on setting and character development than it is on plot, so the storyline seems to wind and ramble.  However, the overall focus is on Billy's growth and development as he learns important life lessons during his experiences.

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