What are five items important to Scout (with one paragraph for each item) explaining the significance to the character in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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Item 1: Scout’s overalls

In the Southern country of Maycomb, Scout stands out for not wearing dresses. She is raised by Atticus, which allows her freedom from social constraints. She doesn’t wear a dress despite her aunt pushing her to act more like a lady. The overalls are a symbol of Scout’s rejection of gender norms and her insistence upon doing the things she likes to do.

Item 2: The Knot Tree

There is a tree in Scout and Jem’s neighborhood that contains a knothole. In the hole, Scout and Jem find several treasures from Boo Radley, including coins, twine, and a watch. The hole is important to Scout because it establishes her relationship to Boo Radley and helps her understand the importance of allowing Boo to stay anonymous at the end of the story.

Item 3: Her Baton

Scout gets a twirling baton that she practices with in the novel. The baton is one of her favorite things to play with and helps to give her dreams about what she will do in high school. However, Jem breaks the baton in...

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