What are five important events in order from Summer of My German Soldier?

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  1. German prisoners of war arrive in the town of Jenkinsville, Arkansas, the home of the Jewish teenager, Patty Bergen, and her family.
  2. Patty meets one of the prisoners, English-speaking Frederick Anton Reiker, when he comes to her father's store. Reiker later escapes, and Patty hides him in her father's garage apartment.
  3. Reiker eventually escapes by train, leaving a ring for Patty to remember him by.
  4. The FBI continues to investigate Reiker's escape, and they eventually realize that Patty is involved. When they show her a bloody shirt with Anton's monogram (Anton has been killed in New York), Patty confesses.
  5. Now known as the "Jew-Nazi," Patty is sent to a girl's reformatory. Scorned by her parents, home town, and her fellow prisoners, Patty still clings to the hope that her life will be better in the future.

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