What are 5 good questions for chapters 35 to 39?

Expert Answers
sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It sounds to me like you are asking for some discussion questions based on chapters 35-39 in Maniac Magee.  I can help with that.  A good way to do this might be to come up with one discussion question for each of those chapters.  

Chapter 35 is all about Maniac's time in the McNab house.  Your question could focus on what Maniac thinks about the house.  Or you could have the question ask the reader what he/she thinks about the kind of environment the McNab brothers are growing up in.  

Chapter 36 has Maniac trying to figure out ways to keep Russell and Piper in school.  Ask a question that has the reader hypothesize about how effective Maniac's new plan will be.  

Chapter 37 is really short.  Maniac continues to do heroic deeds to keep the two boys in school.  The boys then dare Maniac to do something they believe is truly scary.  Your question could be "what do the boys dare Maniac to do?"  Or a better question might be to ask why Russell and Piper think that their particular dare is so scary.  

In chapter 38, Mars Bar challenges Maniac to a race.  At one point in the chapter, the following line occurs:

Even as the race began -- even after it began -- Maniac wasn't sure how to run it.

Ask your readers to explain why Maniac had his doubts.  

For chapter 39, ask about the McNab house.  It was in bad shape before, but it's worse now.  What has happened?  Or you can ask a reader to explain the last line in the chapter.  

Now there was no room that Maniac could stand in the middle of and feel clean. Now there was something else in that house, and it smelled worse than garbage and turds.