What are five events after the climax that lead to The Chocolate War's resolution?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If we accept that the climax occurs in Chapter 25 when Jerry stands firm before Archie and the Vigils when he is summoned before them the second time, five events leading from that point to the resolution might be as follows:

1. The Vigils decide to take a leadership role in making "selling chocolates the thing to do" (Chapter 27).

2. The tide of opinion among the students turns against Jerry, beginning with Harold Darcy's challenge to at roll-call in Chapter 30.

3. Jerry is beat up by a gang of kids led by Emile Janza.

4. Archie plans the "raffle" as a final act of humiliation for Jerry, and tricks Jerry into participating in it.

5. Jerry is brutally beaten by Emile Janza before the student body on the field, after which he finally capitulates, deciding it is not worth it to "disturb the universe" (Chapter 38).

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