What are the 5 essential plot elements to "The Devil and Tom Walker"?

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Exposition - Tom Walker, an old miserly man, walks through a forest said by many to be haunted; it is guarded by the Devil. The Devil offers him a deal for his soul, which Tom says he will consider

Rising Action - Tom tells his wife of the deal, who encourages him to take it. The two of them have a terrible relationship, so Tom declines the deal with the Devil mostly to annoy his wife. She goes into the forest and attempts the make the deal herself and disappears. Tom goes to look for her and realizes she's gone forever.  

Climax --  Tom reconsiders and makes the deal with the Devil to be lucrative but unfair money lender. His soul will belong to the Devil upon his death.

Falling Action -- Tom lives his life swindling people out of money by instituting loans with unfair interest rates. Near the end of his life he begins to fear for his soul, so he begins to carry around a bible and attend church. He does not change his behaviors. 

Resolution - Tom's attempt to save his soul doesn't work,...

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