What are the elements of foreign policy, and how are they essential in a nation’s success in foreign policy?  

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According to the U.S Department of State there are seven goals of American foreign policy.

1) Peace and Security. The U.S government uses foreign policy to protect against threats and secure our interest abroad. This is one of the most important aspect of foreign policy as it effects the way others perceive our strength and ability to engage in diplomacy.

2) Justice. The U.S uses foreign policy to establish and protect international law and human rights.

3) People. The U.S should ensure the health, education and human rights of others.

4) Economic growth. Policies should help promote development across the globe and improve the economic status of ourselves and others.

5) Humanitarian Assistance. Protect and assist those affected by natural disaster and war.

6) Promote understanding. Help facilitate and improve women's rights and religious tolerance.

7) Citizen Services. Execute and provide Visa and passport services for U.S citizens, etc.



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