The Count of Monte Cristo Questions and Answers
by Alexandre Dumas père

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What are 5 educated questions over chapters 33-48? The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas I need to know 5 EQ's over these chapters that I don't quite understand. Thanks!

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After meeting Sinbad the Sailor on the isle of Monte Cristo and spending a drug-induced night, the Baron Franz d'Epinay arrives in Rome at Carnival time in order to join his friend, Viscount Albert de Morcerf for the festivities.  However, they have not planned and there are no coaches available.  At the opera, Franz notices Monte Cristo with a most beautiful woman.  He recognizes Monte Cristo as the mysterious sailon on the isle when he is introduced.  Even after being warned about the nortorious Luigi Vampa, Albert has determined to have several affairs with women, but when he follows one seductive woman, he finds himself in a trap; he has been kidnapped by Vampa.  A ransom note is sent to Franz, who asks the Count of Monte Cristo for help.  When the naive Albert is rescued, he does not realize the danger in which he was put, but he is, nevertheless, grateful to Monte Cristo for paying his ransom.  Monte Cristo loans his coach to the young men so that they can get around Rome safely; in return, he asks to be introduced to Parisian society.  When Albert shakes hands with Monte Cristo, Franz notices the man shudder.  Further in the narrative, Albert keeps his promise and introduces Monte Cristo to his parents and some of the members of society.  While Ferdinand does not recognize Monte Cristo, Mercedes does, and being terrified, she warns her son to stay away from him.  Monte Cristo purchases the fromer home of the Marquis de Saint-Meran, whose daughter married the Prosecutor Gerard de Villefort, and died soon thereafter. At this house in Auteuil, his servant Bertuccio relates his terrible memories.  He tells Monte Cristo in a dramatic monologue about a baby that de Villefort tried to bury; he saved the baby, naming it Benedetto.  However, this boy grew into an evil man who  returned after leaving to kill Bertuccio's wife.

Here are some questions that you can ask about these chapters:

1.  Explain the connection of Luigi Vampa to Sinbad the Sailor/Count of Monte Cristo in the two instances in which they meet in these chapters.

2.  Countess G--- calls Monte Cristo a vampire when she sees him at the opera.  What habits does the Count possess that suggest this nomenclature?

3. What observations about justice does Monte Cristo make that offer insight into his mind as an avenger?

4. Characterize Albert de Morcerf.  Does he display any noble qualities?

5.  How does the use of dialogue and monologue  demonstrate Dumas's dramatic tendencies?  What information is learned through monologue/dialogue? 

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