What are five citizenship roles and responsibilities that an entrepreneur can perform?

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There are many civic roles and responsibilities that an entrepreneur can perform. One role would be to help those who are disadvantaged. An entrepreneur could work with a local school district or a local social service agency to provide job training and/or employment for people with special needs. The entrepreneur could give people with special needs an opportunity to learn and work under the supervision of the business owner, school district employees, and/or social service agency personnel.

Another civic role would be to get involved in community projects. Many cities and towns have events such as a run/walk activity to help raise money for a local hospital, charity, or organization helping people who are sick or in need of assistance. The entrepreneur could be a sponsor of one of these events.

The entrepreneur has the responsibility to keep the business property in good condition. This means that building code laws are followed and that the area outside of the business is kept neat and clean. The grass should be cut, and (if present) the snow should be shoveled.

The entrepreneur has the responsibility to follow all of the laws related to the business. Child labor laws should be followed. Health and safety regulations should also be observed. The business should be a safe place to enter for those who need to enter the business.

Finally, the entrepreneur should be involved in helping the town, village, or city prosper. The entrepreneur should work with local government leaders to develop economic plans and/or city development plans that benefit the city, town, or village, as well as the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur could host meetings to discuss important issues facing the community. The entrepreneur could serve on the boards of local government.

There are many things an entrepreneur can do perform various civic roles and responsibilities.

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There are many social roles and responsibilities that entrepreneurs have in regards to their customers and surrounding communities:

  1. Environmental friendly undertakings: A social responsibility of entrepreneurs is the utilization of the environment in a sustainable manner. Businesses of all sizes are undertaking different measures to reduce their carbon footprints and the wastage of resources in the use of their products. For example, the reduced percentage of plastic used in product packaging and the provision of paper rather than plastic bags at point-of-sales.
  2. Volunteering: The employees of small businesses sometimes engage in community activities such as painting a community center or participating in a community fundraiser. The attendance of the entrepreneur and his employees shows the company supports charity initiatives and is willing to share their concern for specific issues affecting the surrounding communities.
  3. Quality products: A citizenship responsibility of entrepreneurs is avoiding the use of harmful, inferior materials in their production process, even if doing so would reduce the businesses' cost and subsequently increase profit margins.
  4. Philanthropy: Small businesses practice citizenship responsibility by donating to local and national charities and community development organizations. Additionally, philanthropic efforts could involve providing scholarships, grants, and bursaries to students.
  5. Ethical labor practices: When entrepreneurs treat their employees fairly and fully comply with the labor, wage, and operational laws of a country, the entrepreneurs are demonstrating their corporate citizenship responsibility. Moreover, the practice of good ethical labor practices reflects positively on the entrepreneurs' business if that division of the company works outside the United States and still conforms to United States' labor laws—for instance, by not operating a sweatshop.
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